• Rights of the marginalized population.
  • Awareness campaign on various issues.
  • Vocational training and I.G.A training and capital support
  • Institution building & capacity building training for the project beneficiaries
  • Advocacy by Union and Upazila committees in favor of landless people
  • Land identification, distribution and settlement in favor of the landless
  • Gender sensitization of SMCs, students, duty-bearers and beneficiaries


Project Name :Awareness campaign on different issues

Doner :WAD, Wave foundation and Own fund

Sector :

Area :KCC , Rupsha, Batiaghata

Brief of activities :

Awareness campaign on Dowry, Early marriage, Domestic violence, Traducing and Drugs.
Campaign on food for all.
Campaign on safe drinking water, sanitation.
Awareness on climate change and adaption.
Health education, safe delivery and Brest feeding.

Project Name :Self Employment & Women Empowerment

Doner :Bangladesh NGO foudation

Sector :Tailoring training

Area :KCC & Batiaghata upazilla.

Brief of activities :

Tailoring training and distribution of Sewing machine, Scissors etc.

Project Name :Improving livelihood standard of Landless people through access to khas land and watrbodies in Batiaghataupazilla, Khulna.

Doner :Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Sector :Rights of the marginalized population

Area :Batiaghata Upazilla

Brief of activities :

Primary institution building, formal and meeting on G.U.F Up G.U.F Union land government committee, UP LUGC, upzilla pressure group IGA Training capital support, Capacity building training, cycle development & equity

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